Happy Halloween with Israel Knox!

On Halloween little girls wear long dresses and do their hair in the fashion of their mothers, and little boys put on stove-pipes and tuxedos and hold toy-cigars in their mouths, and their childishness is emphasized by the contrast, and they do not cease to be little boys and little girls in quest of fun on Halloween night. Don Quixote and Falstaff, and some of the characters in Aristophanes and Moliere, are like little children on Halloween, and remind us that we too, with all our wisdom and with all our power, are little children, strutting across the stage of history for a brief interlude, dressed up in costumes meant to give the impression that the creatures wearing them are not of time but of eternity and the darlings of the entire universe.

(Israel Knox, 1957)

Über Samir Sellami

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