Zitat 26

There is something suspiciously anti-competitive about the idea that [a cultural product] should go away just because it has bad values. It is an impulse akin to the hope that a politician you dislike will be indicted or caught with a person not their legal spouse, eliminating the need to actually beat them at the polls. This is an end run around figuring out why people like what they like. It suggests a lack of confidence that liberal values will be compelling and a wish to ignore the reasons that something retrograde can also be extremely popular.

The questions of good or bad, sexist or not sexist ignore a much more interesting line of inquiry. Why is it that people, including feminist authors like Jennifer Weiner and Roxane Gay, love “The Bachelor” franchise? There is a certain un-suppleness of mind in the idea that sexist content attracts only people who are on board with that sexism.

 – Alyssa Rosenberg

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