Frühling in London, 1956

Oh what a time it is when summer come to the city and all them girls throw away heavy winter coat and wearing light summer frocks so you could see the legs and shapes that was hiding away from the cold blasts and you could coast a lime in the park and negotiate ten shillings or a pound with the sports as the case may be or else they have a particular bench near the Hyde Park Corner that they call the Play Around Section where you could go and sit with one of them…isn’t it a lovely day as if the sun burn away all the tightness and strain that was in their faces for the winter and on a nice day every manjack and his brother going to the park with his girl and laying down on the green grass and making love…

Sam Selvon, The Lonely Londoners.

Über Samir Sellami
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2 Antworten zu Frühling in London, 1956

  1. Julia schreibt:

    kann dickens auch. nur länger und weniger schön:

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